Südumgehung Limburg

Südumgehung Limburg

A CMS-based site for a local association


Just recently our city council revealed plans to build a new road around the city center, to release the city center from too much traffic. Their studies show that traffic load would decrease up to 25%. The new road, however, will touch some outlying quarters (including our place), in some places the distance will only be 150 meters. We do not believe the councils arguments, and we have organized ourselves in an association (eingetragener Verein). A website has been launched. And guess who is the webmaster? Later in 2008 and 2009 two more groups joined and we set up two more sites based on the same template.


First version of the site based on the content management e107, including template setup, content organization and maintenance. In summer 2010 a malicious virus completely destroyed the system. The system was recreated based on Drupal, with a shared code and content base and different themes.